Emily Vo


Elastic Solid Simulator

A physically based animation system built in C++ that simulates elastic solids.

Smoke Simulator

A physically based animation system built in C++ that simulates eulerian fluids.

  • Demo
  • Multiple smoke source generation
  • Rendered in Houdini

City Forgery

A procedural city with crowd simulation.

  • Live Demo
  • Procedural City Planning with Voronoi Generation
  • Procedural Building Generation
  • Space Colonization Crowd Simulation Algorithm (Biocrowds)
  • Animated Textures
  • Bloom, Sobel, and Pointilism Post Processing Shaders
  • Implemented in three.js

Tsurumi Painterly Rendering Engine

A maya plugin for transforming 3D renders into oil paintings.

  • Demo
  • In collaboration with Alexander Chan
  • Responsible for orientation field computation and traversal for brush orientation and placement on image
  • Responsible for Maya user interface
  • Responsible for creation of brush image dictionary to place onto output images

Monte Carlo Rendering Engine

A physically based rendering engine implemented from scratch in C++.

  • Demo
  • Microfacet Models
  • Bounding Volume Hierarchy Acceleration Structures
  • Photon Mapping
  • Volumetric Rendering
  • Dispersion


A procedural music visualizer.

  • Live Demo
  • Procedural Iridescent Crystal Meshes
  • Procedural Flower Meshes
  • Procedural Asset Music Animation
  • Noise-based Vertex Deformation
  • Implemented in three.js


An interactive and procedural sakura tree generator using l-systems.

  • Live Demo
  • L-System Parser
  • Turtle Renderer
  • Interactive Grammar Control
  • Implemented in three.js


A Virtual Reality Coloring Book Application using Google Daydream.

  • Demo
  • Interactive Scene Creation
  • Hand Modeled Low Poly Meshes
  • Implemented using C#, Unity, and Google Cardboard and Daydream